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Anderson’s offer a wide range of quality Spearfishing equipment from the best manufacturers available such as JBL International, Mares, XCEL, American Dive Co., Andre Spearguns, OMER and Hammer Head.

Whether it’s a Speargun, Wetsuit, fins, weight system, dive computer, buoy set-up, knife, light, mask or snorkel we stock a wide range of products to suit all levels and budgets.

With our 45 years of experience of the sport we are always available to help if you are not quite sure what you need.
Spearfishing is a form of fishing that has been popular throughout the world for centuries. Early civilizations are familiar with the custom of spearing fish out of rivers and streams using sharpened sticks as a means of catching food. Spearfishing today employs more modern and effective elastic- or pneumatic-powered spear-guns and slings to strike the hunted fish. Spearfishing may be done using both free-diving or SCUBA. Being an extension of snorkeling and free diving, spearfishing has the added thrill of hunting in an environment where you wouldn’t normally tread. You’re outside of your comfort zone, actively hunting fish inside their natural habitat. This is their world and it soon becomes very apparent that they have the advantage.
Spearfishing is highly selective and has an extremely low amount of by-catch. With education and proper regulations, spearfishing can be the most ecologically sustainable form of fishing. No other form of fishing allows the participant to ensure that the catch is not only the right species but is also big enough to bring in, BEFORE the fish has been caught. Some forms of commercial fishing have huge amount of waste, with millions of tons of fish lost through by-catch. Getting in to spearfishing, you can make sure that at least the fish you eat is coming from a completely sustainable methodology.
We for a start are limited to one breath hold and that’s all! The very best free-diving spear-fishermen & woman can hold their breath for durations of 2-4 minutes and dive to depths of 100 to 200 feet. However, dives of approximately 1 minute and 30 to 70 feet are more common for the average experienced spear-fisher. Breath holds for a beginner normally start at about 30 seconds and you can reduce that greatly if you’re physically tired or have adrenaline pumping because of the excitement. You wouldn’t believe the effect that having a calm relaxed frame of mind can have on your ability to dive for longer periods. In fact when underwater waiting for a fish, we often try mild forms of mental relaxation techniques to calm ourselves into a tranquil state. This may just be thinking about being on beach somewhere or an old fond memory. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it genuinely works.
“I love spending time underwater on the California coast. The environment is very challenging, the beauty is second to none and it’s full of amazing marine life that we have to respect and protect”. – Andy Anderson
Spear Gun Demonstrations and Sales
Spear gun demonstrations and Sales are by appointment only with owner, Andy Anderson. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 650-355-3050. Most appointments can be made within 2 hours of calling and on the same day.



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