October 7 - 8 - 9 2022 Friday Saturday & Sunday

3 Day Lobster Scuba Dive Trip

Santa Rosa - Talcott Shoal Aboard the Peace Boat

Our Price: $750.00 per person

October 7 - 8 -9 2022 Friday Saturday Sunday

We leave the dock at 2am on October 7th. You may board the boat anytime after 8pm on on Thursday October 6. These trips are specifically catered to the intermediate to advanced level diver that wants to lobster hunt. Dive sites are determined by the best dives sights conducive to grabbing lobster. These trips are best suited to divers, that have experience in rougher cold water conditions including; current, swell, kelp, limited visibility and possibly deep water. Non-hunters may sign up for these trips, but the dive sight choices will be based on the best hunting areas not necessarily the best dive conditions. This trip includes all dives, air fills and meals. Estimated return time is between 5-6pm. You will need to provide or rent from us all scuba & snorkeling equipment including weights and 1 tank.

Our Lobster Diving trips to Talcott Shoal are a perfect escape for the avid lobster diver. Talcott Shoal offers the perfect habitat for daytime lobster hunting with its many ledges, rock piles and nooks and crannies for lobster to hide in.

June 16 - 17 - 18 2022 Wednesday Thursday Friday

3 Day Free-Diving White Sea Bass Trip

Outer Channel Islands Aboard the Peace Boat

Our Price: $750.00 per person

June 16-17-18 2022 Wednesday Thursday Friday

We leave the dock at 2am on 16th. You may board the boat anytime after 8pm on on Tuesday June 15th. This trip includes all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. There will be 3-4 different dive sights on the third day starting at sun up. This trip is specifically catered to the breath-hold diver who are free diving for White Sea Bass. Other species commonly seen are Yellowtail, Calico Bass, & Halibut. Free-Divers that are not spearfishing are welcome, but the primary trip focus is taking game. These trips are suited for all levels of Free-Divers. Final trip destination is determined by the Captain based on the most recent White Sea Bass sightings. We plan to return to the dock on Saturday, June 19 around 6pm



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